What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I have been under Dr. Steven Lee's dental care since he began his practice at 30 E. 60th Street. I am extremely pleased with the dental care I have received. Dr. Lee is highly professional, proactive, caring with a gentle manner, and always has a good sense of humor."
    - Carmen A. F. Y.
  • "Dr. Lee has taken care of my dental health for the last several years. I can happily say that my teeth have never felt or looked better! Dr. Lee not only addresses (with care) my general dentistry needs, but is a true artist when he is creating crowns or veneers. Most importantly, Dr. Lee takes the time to know me personally and attends to my needs accordingly. Thank you, Dr. Lee, for making those "scary" dentist visits a pleasure!"
    - Joanne S.
  • "Dr. Lee has been providing his services to the whole Keeley family - mother, father, and two teenage boys - for the past 4 years. His work has encompassed everything from oral surgery and orthodontic preparation, to basic cleaning and cosmetics. We all could not be happier! For dental expertise for your whole family - served up in a pleasant and highly professional manner - you could not do better than Dr. Steven S. Lee, DDS."
    - Terrence and Saskia K.
  • "Dr. Steven S. Lee is a wonderful dentist. He is most knowledgeable, experienced, an artist, and truly kind. It’s pain free dentistry! He runs his office in a most professional manner. His technicians, assistants and front desk personnel are outstanding and he doesn’t overbook. Rarely do you wait more than a few minutes before you’re called in. Know that I hate going to the dentist. I had a barbarian work on my teeth when I was a child and those memories don’t fade easily. Because of Dr. Lee’s expertise, I actually don’t mind going to the dentist."
    - Mary Elaine M.
  • "Sometime ago, Dr. Steven Lee replaced our beloved dentist of 22 years, who retired. Dr. Lee has won us over not only with his warmth, but his expert work, attention to detail, availability, and genuine caring both for his craft and his patients. Without reservation, and with pleasure, we highly recommend him as an excellent dentist."
    - Wallace and Nikki R.
  • "Dr. Lee I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment you given me over the last several years. Your level of professionalism and skill has made what I thought would be a very difficult procedure into a manageable and virtually stress free experience. As you know I left my previous dentist in the middle of major restorative work because I was not satisfied with the treatment I had been receiving. From the first consultation to my most recent visit, you have always taken the time to explain the process, expectations and expense associated with the work I was receiving and there are never any "surprises" which is a relief. The entire staff is always so professional, friendly and helpful in every way. This has been one of the better decisions I have made as an adult. Thank you."
    - Russell V.
  • "Dr. Lee was very thorough while being genuinely understanding and thoughtful. He offered several options to make me feel comfortable and at ease."
    - Rod L.
  • "I loved it! The pain was minimal and they did a great job."
    - Shawn C.
  • "My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Steven Lee for over six years. He was picked as the replacement for our previous dentist who retired after 40 years. We knew that Dr. Lee would be a fine dentist because our dentist would have chosen someone who was excellent. Dr. Lee has surpassed all of our expectations. My husband has twelve implants via Dr. Lee, and when the work on my four implants is completed, I will have ten. My mouth represents a supreme challenge for a dental specialist."
    - John and Mary Jane D.
  • "The expertise that can only come from years of experience in implant surgery, the mechanical skill that Dr. Lee possesses...never any pain...from the novocaine injection to the actual procedure...the attention to every detail, the acceptance of nothing less than perfection, and Dr. Lee's creativity in devising special techniques for those teeth that require ingenuity to make an implant possible, all result in implants that are perfection, both in quality and in appearance. The eight tooth temporary bridge that now covers the work in the upper right quadrant is so spectacular that it looks like my own teeth. People who have seen this temporary can't believe the quality of the temporary."
    - John and Mary Jane D.
  • "It looks better than some of others permanent work. Many specialists would have thrown up their hands after looking in my mouth, and would have suggested permanent bridges instead. Dr. Lee viewed my mouth as a challenge, and welcomed the opportunity to do implants rather than bridges. Over the last five years there have been occasional emergencies. Dr. Lee has always been available. There are undoubtedly other dentists around the country who have the expertise, the patience, and the acceptance of nothing less than perfection, but there is no one better than Dr. Steven Lee. He is a gem! My husband and I are very grateful to him. We live in New Jersey, and travel to New York because we know we have the best."
    - John and Mary Jane D.

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